Benefits of safety shoes

Safety shoes are one of the important essentials found as part of the Personal Protective Equipment. Almost all industrial and construction projects follow strict rules in the usage of effective protective gear to ensure the safety of their employees under all levels. These work sites are often prone to a number of hazards that could pop out any minute. Therefore, it is always important to be well equipped rather than working without proper protection. When we talk about the various hazards, the job done by safety shoes is immeasurable. They protect you from various injuries like chemical exposure, excessive heat and cold, electric shock, slips and falls, cuts and bruises while handling sharp objects and so on. Safety shoes are designed with various features that make them differ from the regular, ordinary fancy shoes. They are designed to offer better movement and better safety under harsh workplace conditions as well.

Prevents foot injuries:

Foot injuries by various means are the most common workplace hazards. Employees working in areas that handle sharp, heavy and flying objects are at a risk of foot injuries. Such objects can cause accidents such as cuts, bruises, punctures and burns. Suspended objects could fall off on the foot causing major injuries like fractures and bone dislocations.

 Better traction and extra support:

Safety shoes come with reinforced toes that offer various advantages. It provides ease of movement and prevents slipping and falling accidently. It also protects the feet from heavy objects that could damage the feet. It also prevents stress and fatigue that can cause tiredness due to long working hours or long hours of standing.

Protects from electric shocks:

Certain work environments are under the exposure of high voltage electricity. In such circumstances, it is very much essential for all the employees to wear safety footwear made of non-conducive materials such as leather and rubber that do not conduct electricity. This type of footwear reduces the risk of fatal electric shocks.

 Protects from extreme weather conditions:

Extremely hot work conditions could cause burnt wounds and blisters in the feet. Extreme cold weather conditions could cause frost bites that damage the tissues in the feet. Employees working outside in the cold weather are more likely to develop medical conditions like hypothermia and Raynaud’s Syndrome that occurs due to the poor supply of blood to the feet which leads to paleness and numbness of the feet. Safety shoes are made up of materials that keep the moisture away. They protect from heat, snow and rain. They help in preserving the warmth of the feet and also maintain the warmth of the body along with other safety gear.

If you consider buying the essential safety footwear for you or your employees, do a little research about the nature of your work and the workplace. Based on the objects you handle in your work every day, you can choose the suitable safety shoes that suit your requirements.