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Suguna - Suguna Single Phase High Speed Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps SHT051/0.5 Hp
0.5 Horsepower (1/2 hp) Single Phase High Speed Centrifugal Monobloc Pump Suguna Model number SH 051 TE SP/TP

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Are you looking to replace your 0.5 Horsepower (1/2 hp) pump with a more reliable one?

  • Excellent after sales and service network of branches and dealers across India
  • A water pump with heavier body, frame and a long life
  • A pump that meets strict ISI standards and STAR performance rating. You can use this water pump for your house and agriculture requirements
  • The Reliability and innovation of an industry leader who has been manufacturing pumps for more than 50 years
  • The longest life motor pump. All the parts are developed and manufactured in own plant
  • The quality and durability that are better than other products in the market
  • The best quality pump in the industry. All pump parts are made by own foundry and developed by own R & D team Low running cost due to higher efficiency


0.5 hp pump specification:

  • Single phase High Speed Centrifugal monobloc 200/220 volts 50 cycle AC, class 'A' squirrel cage type, fitted with Ball Bearings and dynamically balanced Rotors, Single Stage Self-priming type, Manganese Bronze impellers, steel shafts and close grained Cast Iron parts
  • All pumps are hydraulically tested. These pumps are for reasonably clear water, free from mud and solids
  • Designed with single stage and suction, unicasing with cast iron centrifugal impeller & casing
  • Slow Speed Self Priming Pumps, High Grade Cast Iron / Aluminium Housing, Gun Metal Impellers

  • Perfect for Houses and all sorts of small industries and other water pumping requirements

Brand HPModelPump Size
Suc X Del
Suguna 0.5SH 0511 TE SP/TP25 X 25

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