Air Quality Monitoring And Its Types

Air quality is something that affects each and every one of us. Anybody who have suffered allergy attacks and dealt with breathing problems understands the need for pure and clean indoor air. Air pollution and hazards of breathing toxic particles has been discussed with a lot of apprehension in recent times. So how to monitor or find out what are the levels of pollutants in the air we breathe? It is done with the help of air quality monitors and equipments available exclusively for this. We should be aware of these vital instruments which protect our
Before discussing air quality monitoring devices we have to understand what are air pollutant types. Airborne pathogens and various live microorganisms are a big threat to safety of humans. There are several pollutants like gases noxious fumes and dust particles. All these dangerous substances are especially rampant in cities where buildings are huge and green spaces are limited. The situation is worsened by vehicles and enclosed small spaces. In this scenario it is imperative to have a good monitoring and purifying system in place.
Environmental bodies in every country specify certain guidelines with concern to indoor air quality monitoring as it results in numerous diseases. In industrial set up the workers are at great risk due to pollutants like carbon monoxide, lead particle pollution photo chemical pollution and nitrogen dioxide pollution to name a few.
Testing kits are plenty and can be bought for a few hundred dollars. They can alert you in case of pollutants and save you a lot of trouble later. Professional air quality testing is also preferable in case of big buildings and in case you are unsure of the procedure involved. If you want to test air quality collect samples with specially designed air pumps and follow instructions given in the kit. There are also automating readings given in some types of automated equipments. There is a lot of air purity testing devices in the market and depending on the type of pollution you can then choose relevant air purifies.
Air scrubbers are used for removing dust mites particles and mold particles from indoor air. It can be used both in industries and home environment. General air purifiers are available in different varieties which can be selected according to space constraints and budget and type of pollutant present.
Types of air purifiers are HEPA which is high efficiency particulate purifier. It has a super efficient filter that effectively traps air borne particles.  The filter is super efficient because it is folded on to itself in such a way that it efficiently traps all pollutants. The filter can be replaced once in few years. Other purifiers based on negative ion technology and activated carbon filters etc are available in the market. These equipments need to be maintained systematically to make them last longer and provide effective cleaning of indoor air.
It is always better to allow professional maintenance professionals maintain these equipments in ship shape for better health.