Compact Drill v/s Impact Driver

Tool talk

Introduction-Getting to know a Compact Drill

Anything that rightly fits into the spaces or fills in the gap just perfectly is called compact. And true to its name and thanks to many mechanical minds that have all brainstormed together to engineer the drill to fit into tight spaces. Compact drills are often used by people who are into the skill trade or should we call them specialist or may be even Masters. Yes I am saying this because the people I am referring to our none other than plumbers, electricians, welders, painters without whom not only the survival of small industrial units but also residential houses could turn haywire. However compact drills could probably be instrumental in raising their efficiency and empowers them the convenience needed in a work environment. Further to provide for fittings inside cabinets and cupboards; compact drills come handy to drill into any space limitation. They are available in most of the hardware stores and they come with their carry cases, screws, bits and all other related accessories.

Introduction-Getting to know an Impact Drill

Impact Drill- Gives you more driving power needed to make the right impact

If you are a person who gets fascinated by machines then such tools would never go for a miss.  Do you remember the ‘Grrrrrrr’ sound coming from the auto garage? It  is a vibrating noise caused due to an air driven impact wrench. An impact drill is used to drive screws into the hole more precisely. Impact drills have greater power as compared to their regular counterparts. They can effortlessly drive into any surface.


Compact Drill

Compact drills are sleek and easy to handle and operate. Their heads can be rotated so that the tool operator and change the angle easily while drilling. Some compact drills come with added features like flash lights to light up the work space, magnetic heads to hold the screws suitably in a position that is best to drill swiftly. Handing and operation of the drill needs very less space and it can be handled safely with ease. Some compact drills are corded while some are wireless.

Impact drill

Impact drills are cordlessas they run on rechargeable batteries. They perform the work of screw drivers and drills. So if you want to make the right impact on the surfaces in your work environment then Impact drills is the smart choice. Further impact drills accepts wide variety of screws, round and hex shank drill bits, rotary sanders and other accessories that comes with the casing. It also has a clutch that allows to adjust torque for precise drilling.


 Compact drills are great to use for long periods of work. To work in restricted environment that offers more of tight places; compact drills can squeeze in and make the job easy for the arms and hands. There are various types like the 12 volt drill drivers, drill drivers with ¼ hex heads are used best for driving screws

Impact drills

Impact drills are excellent as they rotate and perform concussive blows to power drive screws into the thickest surfaces. The concussive action is transmitted directly to the screws taking off the pressure from your forearms and wrist.


Compact drills accept wide varieties of heads to suit the need of the tasks. By using different types of mechanisms the heads can be locked to obtain better stability and control to drill efficiently at various angles and surfaces.

Impact drills

Impact drivers exert perpendicular pressure which is the motion required to screw and unscrew fasteners. It exerts the torque with no longitudinal force. Impact drivers come in manual as well as automated formats. Manual impact drivers are useful for certain types of screws. The manual drill strikes the outer sleeve hammering resulting in the torque action being applied directly to the screw. Motorized drivers are used to replace screw drivers and drive in screws with great speed and accuracy.


Compact drills are sleek and easy to handle than normal regular drills. They come in wide range of prices. The cost varies directly according to the power of the drill.

Impact drills also come in various prices. Depending on the user’s needs and price bucket one can settle in for the right tools.