Emerging Role Of Corrugated Packaging In India

The corrugated box manufacturing industry in India is on the path of growth. The changing lifestyles of the people and the growth in the retail sector in the country have made this possible. The manufacturers need ample corrugated boxes for transporting and handling goods. Corrugated packaging is necessary not only while shipping goods, but for marketing and transporting goods safely.

However, that doesn’t mean the Indian corrugated box industry has no challenges ahead. The industry is run by small players who use semi-automatic plants to cater to the local needs. However, the development in India has brought optimism for manufacturers of corrugated packages and they are willing to improve technology and turn their semi-automatic units into fully automatic production lines, which will enable them to make quality products at a fast pace and also reduce production costs.

Emerging trends

We are transporting several goods from India, and while transporting goods, the packaging has to be of international qualityBox-130x110. For the corrugated packaging manufacturers in India it has become a necessity to adopt the latest technologies to meet up international packaging standards. They are now using the latest automatic machines for high quality products.

To meet the demand and supply they have modernised their production. They are eager to use new technologies that can help them meet the demands of their customers for international quality boxes.

Since the demand for corrugated packaging is on the rise, the manufacturers are trying to set up large automatic plants. The next generation of manufacturers will not be using semi automatic production processes if they want to meet up the demand. They will have to set up fully automatic board and box making plants.

There is no need to locate the units near user locations these days because of the success of e-commerce ventures. They buy corrugated packages in bulk and this is a great advantage for large-scale manufacturers.

Users of corrugated boxes who buy in large numbers, especially corporates, look for strict specifications, and newer designs. They are currently looking for a single source or numerous alternative sellers to meet their demand. They want quick deliveries at best cost as well.

Tie-ups with manufacturers of corrugated boxes outside India for the use of latest technology are yet another emerging trend.

Indian retailing – both online as well as offline – has reached whooping proportions in 2016, and this gives a lot of hope for the growth of corrugated manufacturers.

Today, Indian packaging industry is worth crores of rupees. It is the sixth biggest packaging market in the world. If the Indian corrugated packaging industry increases the scale of operations, and come out with quality products delivered on time, they will soon be the leaders in this sector.

Indian corrugated packaging industry must get its act right and deliver by using the most modern technology, raising industry standards. They also need manpower to meet the demand for quality products.

The industry transformation is still in its emerging stage. If the government implements supportive measures the manufacturers will be able to bring down the cost of automation.