How To Make Pretty Corrugated Gift Box?

Creative gift packaging is as important as the content inside. Your gift may not be too expensive, but it should be packaged in an appealing way to impress someone. Corrugated boxes are perfect if you want to amaze someone with your gift. They are ideal boxes for presents. Not just that. You can package craft products like soaps and candles as well in corrugated gift boxes.

They are very popular these days as everyone wants to give a personal touch to their gifts. If you put a gift in a pretty box, even if the receiver doesn’t like the present very much, he/she will forgive you. And you do not have to spend a lot of money on these gift boxes. You can easily make pretty corrugated gift boxes at home. All you need is a little bit of creativity, patience and a few inexpensGift_box-130x110ive items that you will easily find at your house.

A pretty round corrugated gift box will be an awesome packaging for your gift. However, you should have deft hands to cut a round box using scissors. Even if you are not too skillful, you can still make a pretty round box. We show you how.

Things you need

To make a round corrugated box, you need thick paper. Wondering how thick it should be? Remember, it should be thick enough to hold whatever gift you are planning to put inside the box. To decorate the box you need crayons, color pencils, glue, scissors, glitter, compass,   cloth pins, ribbons, lace and cutter, etc.

Step by step

First, cut out a circle for the bottom of the box. To make a perfect round shape, use compass. Draw a circle using the compass on the paper and cut along the line as neatly as possible, without any uneven edges. The next step is to draw a rectangle to make the body of the box.

Now comes the fun part. You can go as creative as possible to decorate the box. Paint the box in any color of your choice. You can use glitter, or make a bow using the ribbon. Let your creativity flow.

A few pointers

  • The size of the box is your choice.
  • The height of the box will be the width of the rectangle.
  • The rectangle should fit around the circle, which is the bottom of the box.
  • Leave an extra cm on one length before cutting out the rectangle, because you need at least 2 cm extra to glue it.