The importance of a crimping tool and its types

As the name suggests, a crimping tool is a device that is used for joining two pieces of metal or some other flexible material like a wire and a metal plate. This process is called crimping in which the two metal pieces are joined together using a crimp connector. The connector is either screwed on directly to form an attachment or it is screwed onto a metal plate using a screw and bolt.

How to use a crimping tool:

Crimping tools are used to attach metal terminals or cables to connectors that are used for the wiring harness. A three-in-one crimping tool can be best used for this purpose. Initially use an automatic wire stripper to strip back the wires to the required length. Now take the lug connector and place the cable into the lug and make sure that the copper ends of the wire are not protruding too far on the outside. After properly placing the lug connector, place this assembly into the crimping tool. Ensure that you place the lug into the matching color crimp. Apply a fair amount of pressure by pressing down the handle of the crimping tool. After a few seconds after securing the joint, release the crimp tool handle. Check the lug to make sure that it is nice and secure and does not rip off. Also make sure that the lug is crimped in two places. Now this is ready to be fitted into a terminal or to anything else, whatever the need may be.

Crimping tool types:

There are two common types of crimping tools:

1.   Point to cup crimping tools:

These are the most common types of crimping tools. They are similar to the pliers in their looks. They are also relatively cheaper than other versions. They have a pair of semicircular cups that resemble a jaw. They have semicircular cutouts on one jaw with a matching row of teeth on the other jaw. These are suitable for round section crimp sleeves. They just flatten the sleeve around and do not fully cover forming insecure connections.

2.  Cup to cup crimping tools:

These are also similar to the regular pliers, but have two semicircular jaws with matching teeth on the opposite side. The jaws have up to four different cutouts to match different sleeves. It is used for both oval section and double barrel type of sleeves.

The cup to cup crimping tools are of three types:

1. Cup to cup standard duty:

These are the common type of crimping tool used for most angler applications. They have the capacity to occupy cables up to 2.2 mm diameter, which is sufficient for a 600 lb cable.

2.  Cup to cup heavy duty:

These are used for major applications that handle much larger cables with larger diameters. They are also costlier than the standard version. They are used in charter boats and heavy duty workshops.

3. Cup to cup bench press crimping tool:

They are not portable and are fixed on a bench top to handle large quantities of heavy duty cables. They are used in heavy duty industries, longline ships and vessels and in tackle workshops.

Apart from the regular hand-press crimp tool, the hydraulic crimp tool and the battery operated hydraulic crimp tool are the other types regarding their functionality.


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