Difference Between Cheap And High Quality Hand Tools

If you own a cheap hand tool set and wondering why quality is such an important feature in hand tools, we explain the difference to you.

If you want to buy a high quality hand tool, be prepared to shell out more. However, they are worth the money, because they are made to last a lifetime. They are a one-time investment.

If you have lot of use for hand tools, it is always better to choose high quality tools. If you are not using hand tools for heavy duty work, you can buy cheap tools. Cheap tools work for certain jobs. You can use them for doing odd jobs around the house. They won’t last long; they won’t stand the test of time or offer the durability you need for industrial or heavy-duty jobs.

Here is a list of differences you’ll notice between cheap and high quality hand tools.

Cheap hand tools are prone to breaking

  • If you don’t mind replacing broken tools on a regular basis, then buy cheap hand tools. Technicians who buy cheap tools end up spending a lot replacing them as cheap tools bow or crack under pressure.
  • High quality hand tools will last forever with proper care and maintenance. They are worth the investment if you plan to use them often.

The way it feels

  • By the very look of the tools you can make out whether they are cheap or expensive hand tools. The handles of hand tools that are cheap are not very comfortable to use. This is a big issue for mechanics who often use these tools for hours at a stretch. If you are not comfortable with the handles, the quality of work itself will get affected. And, your hands will start to hurt.
  • Well-made tools will feature ergonomic handles that are designed to reduce strain and prevent injury. Cheap tools, on the other hand, just don’t feel good and you won’t find yourself reaching for them when you have a job to do.


  • If you are a mechanic, a carpenter or an electrician, reliability is a major concern. You want a hand tool that performs with consistency. Cheap tools can bend or break easily if they’re used heavily or if too much force is applied. You don’t want your work to get affected because of a broken tool. If you’re an electrician, first and foremost you should be concerned about your safety. A cheap tool is not something you can rely on to keep you safe from shocks.
  • Well-made tools are produced from the highest quality materials and handcrafted for excellent dependability. They are made to withstand industrial specifications, and you can rely on them. They are not only safe to use, you can do quality work with them, too.

Cost factor

  • High-quality tools are, indeed, expensive, so most people are tempted to buy cheap tools. But what you should understand is, if you are using cheap tools, you will have to replace them more often and in the process you will lose a lot of money.
  • High quality tools, on the other hand, are a one-time investment. Since they are made of good quality materials you won’t need to replace them every now and then. So by buying well-made tools from a trusted brand you are actually saving a lot of money.

When you work with hand tools as part of your job, always buy tools that are made with good quality materials and from trusted brands. Don’t buy tools according to the price. Instead, make sure they’re made from the best materials.

  • Truth

    There are several truths on this topic.
    -It all depends on what you have to do with the tools you buy.
    -Go for the cheap tools if you rarely use them.Otherwise you’ll make an investment that never pays off.
    -Go for the high quality tools if you often use them(For work or your personal important project(Maintenance & repair or your own house/car/other)
    -You don’t always get what you paid for.I’ve personally purchased both categories of tool and it may happen that the high quality one will break while the cheap one will not.However, the materials used for the high quality ones are often better and the design better-thought.
    -It is always to have to buy an large, expensive set of tools instead of various smaller, cheaper sets of tools.For example:You can buy an expensive socket set that contains 200 high-quality pieces(Virtually everything you may need.Ever.) for 300-350$ or you can buy 4-6 cheaper 50-100$ sockets sets.In the former case, you’ll have a relatively compact, dependable and long-lasting set that will serve you well if you’ll maintain it properly and don’t abuse it.In the latter case, you’ll spend much more to get multiple sets that occupy much more room, may break, are uncomfortable and you’ll end up losing some pieces over the time(They are cheap, you can easily replace them.Who cares if you lose some pieces or borrow them to the wrong person?!).

    I personally advocate that it always better to buy well-though/made, high quality tools.But not all of us have the time, will or money to select the right tools for the work(s) the have to do.Everyone would like to have a state-of-the-art equipped garage/toolroom(If I had the money, I would turn a part of my property into an industrial area with all the machinery and tools imaginable). But that can be very expensive, time consuming and requires a lot of room – that many of us cannot afford.

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