The Way to Select Quality Height Safety Equipment

Safety equipments are essential for reducing or eliminating injuries. The need for quality height safety equipment is really very essential for people working in many industries like construction work and even sports enthusiasts.  Constructions worldwide are booming and we come to know of many accidents in the work sites. It is better to be safe than sorry by investing and using good quality safety gear. Both workers and executives must be aware of all the safety equipment available for height safety.

1140x445There are two main types if fall arrest or prevention systems. One of them is that the worker wears safety harness and protective clothing including hard hats and gloves. The harness is attached to the person and anchored safely on points or safety lines. This is to mainly break the fall of a person and to prevent them from hitting the ground. Second system is to secure the building site by means of handrails, barriers, scaffolds and roof edge protection. The idea is to prevent a fall from happening. So they do not need the compliance of the worker and is passive protection.

This type of protection is mandated by workplace regulations and is strictly enforced all over the world. Nobody is required to look out and be conscious all the time in work place if the entire area is properly secured from all possible accidents. They are not prone to fail and hence are fool proof. Proper training and help in use of equipment is really important for awareness among workers. The workers should be drilled on the safety of wearing these protective gears before they start their jobs. There are considerations like height at which the work should be carried out and the protective gear the worker needs to be wearing. General instructions on how to avoid tools and equipment from falling off and hurting other workers below is also mandatory.

Industry specifications are made on what type of harness and what are the lengths of harness to be worn and so forth. Also specifications on railing and scaffolding guarding workers should be put up.

Separate kits are available for different industries of height workers. Roofing kits, construction workers kit etc are available for easy identification, proper stirrups and ropes for adjusting height are included depending on the height workers have to use. There are adjustable straps for securing feet and hands and pouches to hold equipment and personal protective gear. There is also height fall rescue equipment available to rescue a fallen individual to safety.

All these systems have to be implemented carefully. With the rise of skyscrapers and entertainment industry all the people using height safety equipment have to be aware of the equipment they need and how to prevent themselves from fall. Additional training of how to handle if there is a fall emergency. There should also be rescue and first aid training given to all the people on the work area.

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