What is a hex bolt

A hex bolt has a six sided forged head with a machine thread that is used along with a nut to form the nut and bolt combination that is used as a fastener in securing a joint on both sides of a surface. This acts unlike a screw that has a thread, but it rotates on its own axis to pierce the surface and secure it. Hex bolts are also known as cap screws and machine bolts. They normally have variations from about ½” to 2 ½” diameters. They vary up to 30” in length. Depending upon the length of the bolts the thread length also varies. Hex bolts that normally have a length of 10” or above have about 6” of thread length. Heavy hex bolts and structural bolts offer good dimensional tolerances. Several other non-standard sizes can also be customized as per the requirements to serve various purposes. Hex bolts find extensive uses as fasteners in wood, steel and other materials. They are used as headed anchor bolts in the construction of bridges, docks, highways and buildings.

Hex BoltThere are three types of hex bolts

Half threaded hex bolt, full threaded tap bolt and metric hex bolt.

Half threaded hex bolts:

They have threading along half a portion of the body with a six sided head at the other end. Several materials are used for different types of half threaded hex bolts such as Stainless steel, Zinc plated steel, plain finish steel, Chrome plated steel and hot dipped galvanized steel. Most Stainless steel bolts are used in almost all hardware applications. Corrosion resistant grade steels and hot dipped galvanized steels are used in salt water and chlorinated areas and are equally expensive. Zinc plated steel offers good strength and is used in automotive components. Chrome plated steel is used in auto components to bring a smooth mirror finish.

Full threaded tap bolts:

They have threading all along the body with a six side head on the other end. Stainless steel of varying grades, Zinc plated steel and Silicon Bronze is used to produce tap bolts. Stainless steel bolts are generally used in hardware applications. Zinc offers good corrosion resistance and Silicon Bronze is an alloy of copper and it offers good strength and corrosion resistance.

Metric hex bolts:

They have a hexagonal head with half way or full way threading. Stainless steel, Zinc and Chrome plated hex bolts are used in various applications. They are further divided into JIS hex bolts and JIS tap bolts. The only difference is that the head is a little smaller than the regular standard metric hex bolt. The head size varies in a few diameters. They are Zinc plated class 8.8 steel graded metric hex bolts that offer strength and corrosion resistance.